Automatic Transmission for 2013 Volkswagen GTI


2013 Volkswagen GTI

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Trans code nlr, pbh. GTI.

Drive Plate

CC. 2.0l. Eos. 2.0l. With timing chain. Beetle. 2.0l. GTI. Jetta. 2.0l. With turbo.

Gear Shift Assembly

Shift Control Assembly

Eos. Jetta wagon. 2.5l. GTI. From 06/10. Jetta wagon. 2.0l tdi. Auto trans, from 6/09. With armrest, auto trans, 2015-18, 2.0L, gas, with turbocharger, 2.0L, gas, with turbocharger. Without armrest 2015-16 auto trans shifter & hand brake components. 2.0L, gas, with turbocharger from 12/08/2014. Passat. 3.6l. Switches & levers, auto trans, 3.6L.